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Nexus Stainless LLP is involved in the production of the Inconel 625 Circles that have found applications in various industries. We at Nexus Stainless LLP produce the ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Circles in a variety of sizes and dimensions that are suitable for uses in required applications. The Inconel UNS N06625 Circles are available in sizes ranging from 1mm to 100mm in thickness and 0.1mm to 2000mm in diameter. We at Nexus Stainless LLP aim at providing complete customer satisfaction. Hence we also produce the Inconel 625 Circles in custom size orders that meet the expectations and requirements of our customers. Nexus Stainless LLP holds a clientele of many industries from all around the globe and caters to both small and large industries. The customer service team at Nexus Stainless LLP makes sure that all the customers are assisted with all of their needs and demands. The ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Circles from Nexus Stainless LLP are widely popular because of the high strength that they offer.

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The Inconel 625 Circles are made with a chemical mixture of Nickel, Chromium, and Molybdenum. The Inconel UNS N06625 Circles also contain minimal additions of Iron, Manganese, and Titanium. The ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Circles possess excellent resistivity against oxidation and corrosion in a broad range of environments. The Inconel 625 Circles also exhibit outstanding strength and toughness. They can perform well even at temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 2000°F. The Inconel UNS N06625 Circles also offer a high level of pitting and crevice corrosion resistance to chloride contaminated media because of the high level of chromium and molybdenum content. The ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Circles possess better weld-ability than many other grades of Circles and can be welded by all common welding procedures. The Inconel 625 Circles offer a high degree of formability. They also offer outstanding machinability.

The Inconel 2.4856 Circles have several applications in a wide range of industrial sectors because of the excellent resisting properties it possesses. They are widely used in the manufacturing of Chemical processing equipment and Specialized seawater equipment. Aircraft ducting systems, Jet engine, and Aerospace exhaust systems are also manufactured using ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Circles.

Inconel 625 Circle Equivalent Grades

Inconel 625 N06625 2.4856 NC22DNB4M NiCr22Mo9Nb NCF 625 NA 21 ХН75МБТЮ ЭИ602

Standard Specification For Inconel 625 Circles

Specifications : ASTM B443 / ASME SB443

Dimensions : ASTM, ASME, and API

Circle Diameter : 3" DIA up to 38" DIA 1500 lbs max

Rings Diameter : 3" OD up to 48" OD Up to 900 lbs max

Cutting : Plazma & Machined Cut

Forms : Forging & Plate Cut

Chemical / Mechanical Properties

Inconel 625 Circles Chemical Composition

GRADE Ni C Fe Si Mn S Al Ti Nb + Ta P Mo Cr2
Inconel 625 58.0 min 0.10 max 5.0 max 0.50 max 0.50 max 0.015 max 0.40 max 0.40 max 3.15–4.15 0.015 max 8.0-10.0 20.0-23.0

Inconel Alloy 625 Circles Mechanical Properties

Available Types of 625 Inconel Circles

Inconel Alloy 625 Circles

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Inconel Alloy 625 Circle

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