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Nexus Stainless LLP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Hastelloy C-22 Circles. The ASTM B575 Hastelloy C-22 Circles that we produce are made from the finest resources that are available in the industry. We produce the UNS N06022 Hastelloy C-22 Circles using the cutting edge technology loaded machinery that is equipped in the state of the art facility of ours. We at Nexus Stainless LLP are involved in providing complete satisfaction to our customers in terms of both quality and quantity. Our gigantic inventory enables us to be at equal foot with customer demands. We supply products to all the major countries in the world with proper packaging and documents that are required with the products. We produce the Hastelloy C-22 Circles in different sizes as per the requirements of our customers. Ranging from 1 Mm to 100 Mm in thickness and 0.1mm to 2000mm in diameter, we also produce these ASTM B575 Hastelloy C-22 Circles in custom-size orders.

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The Hastelloy C-22 Circles are manufactured using an alloy mixture between nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. The UNS N06022 Hastelloy C-22 Circles are widely used in applications where high surface stability is required. They also offer high resistance corrosion and metallurgical stability. The ASTM B575 Hastelloy C-22 Circles offers good creep and is suitable for applications where very high mechanical stress is applied. The Hastelloy C-22 Circles also exhibit high oxidation resistance and can be used at temperatures above 540°C. Machining of the UNS N06022 Hastelloy C-22 Circles can be done using the high-speed steel tooling. All conventional coolants are suitable for machining the Hastelloy C-22 Circles. The Hot and cold forming of the ASTM B575 Hastelloy C-22 Circles can be done if followed by heat treatment. The Hastelloy C-22 Circles also offer high welding properties. They can be welded using all welding methods except submerged arc welding method.

Applications of the UNS N06022 Hastelloy Circles can be found in various industries including the manufacturing of different types of chemical process equipment. They are widely used in the manufacturing of Chlorination Systems and Flue gas scrubbers. Acid production and pickling systems are also produced using the ASTM B575 Hastelloy 2.4602 Circles.

Hastelloy C22 Circle Equivalent Grades

Hastelloy C22 2.4602 N06022 NW 6022 NiCr21Mo14W

Standard Specification For Hastelloy C22 Circles

Specifications : ASTM B575 / ASME SB575

Dimensions : ASTM, ASME, and API

Circle Diameter : 3" DIA up to 38" DIA 1500 lbs max

Rings Diameter : 3" OD up to 48" OD Up to 900 lbs max

Cutting : Plazma & Machined Cut

Forms : Forging & Plate Cut

Chemical / Mechanical Properties

Hastelloy C22 Circles Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Mo Ni W
Hastelloy C22 0.010 max 0.50 max 0.08 max 0.02 max 0.02 max 20 - 22.5 12.5 - 14.5 Bal 2.5 - 3.5

Hastelloy Alloy C22 Circles Mechanical Properties

Available Types of C22 Hastelloy Circles

Hastelloy Alloy C22 Circles

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Hastelloy Alloy C22 Circle

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